Meesho Seller Account Login in 2023: A Step-by-Step Guide

Meesho Seller Account Login in 2023: A Step-by-Step Guide

24 July, 2023

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Last updated on 31 October, 2023

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Meesho Seller Account Login in 2023: A Step-by-Step Guide

Our guide covers everything you need to know about setting up your Meesho seller account login, from verifying your phone number to setting up your payment details.


Meesho is an eCommerce selling platform established in 2015 and based in Bangalore. It swiftly established itself as one of the leading online marketplaces in the nation. It competes not only with the likes of Amazon and Snapdeal but also has a user base of over 2.6 million sellers across India. The company's goal is to offer consumers an affordable alternative to some of the more well-known brands in the market. Meesho also provides a straightforward setup and verification process. In this article, we'll look at a step-by-step tutorial for Meesho Seller Account Login and discuss why Meesho is the ideal option for suppliers to choose among other things. Start creating your Meesho Seller Account Login today and unlock the power of online selling!

Meesho Seller Registration Process

To become a Meesho Seller, follow the steps listed below to create your Meesho seller account. We have created an easy to follow registration and onboarding process.

Create Your Account

Meesho provides free registration, allowing anyone to apply without incurring any fees. Meesho's vendor panel is simple to use and easily accessible. Follow the below steps to create your account:

1. Go to the Meesho Seller App login page.

2. Enter the mobile number and email address you intend to sign up for Meesho.

3. An OTP will be sent to your contact number.

4. Enter the OTP and verify it.

5. Set a strong password for your account.

6. Click on Continue and enter your GSTIN number and continue to the next step.

7. Now, enter the pickup address that the Meesho delivery logistics partner will pick up from.

8. Ensure that you enter the same state which matches your GSTIN data.

9. After that, enter your business name and full name.

10. After entering all the information, you'll be directed to the Meesho dashboard.

11. Once the registration is complete, you'll be able to manage indexes, orders, examinations, and profiles.

In case you face any difficulty creating an account, you can contact the Meesho Seller Support team by selecting the Support option from the menu.

Alternatively, you can also use the 'Call Us' option to contact the Meesho Seller customer care staff.

Meesho Supplier Panel

After creating your account, you can access the Meesho Supplier Panel. Please ensure to keep your "Meesho account credentials" safe. Meesho Supplier Panel is your one-stop shop for all of your needs relating to online selling. By logging into the Supplier panel with your Meesho Login account details, listing your products, processing orders, and collecting payments, you may start selling on Meesho.

Post Product Catalog.

Suppliers on Meesho can upload catalogs individually or in bulk. The product catalog becomes available 72 hours after the upload. Before you may post product photographs for a catalog, you must first choose a category. In order to provide customers with a better depiction of your goods, it is advised that you post several images. You will need to provide details for each product, including the price and any applicable GST. It is recommended that your catalog contains at least three to four products to increase your chances of receiving an order. It is further advised to upload at least 5-7 catalogs in the first few days for increased visibility. Suppliers are invited to review the legal and policy section of the Supplier Panel to ensure that their items comply with Meesho's policies.

Deliveries And Shipping

Meesho takes care of all the arrangements on your behalf. You will just need to accept the order, get the package ready, and label the merchandise in your capacity as a supplier. Additionally, Meesho provides a next-day dispatch program for catalogs that qualify, which can boost your sales. Meesho delivers to more than 28000 pincodes in India at competitive shipping prices.


Both cash-on-delivery (COD) and online payment methods are accepted by Meesho. Payments from customers' accounts will be directly credited to your bank account in a safe manner. Meesho sticks to a 7-day payment cycle after order fulfillment. On the Meesho Supplier Panel, you can see your deposited balance as well as upcoming payments.

Why Become A Meesho Supplier Panel?

Meesho offers several benefits associated with a supplier relationship. Take a look at the below mentioned perks:

0% Commission

Meesho doesn't charge sales commissions, and is the most lucrative online platform for suppliers. Many suppliers prefer Meesho because it is the first platform in India to offer no commission.

Simple Registration Method

Meesho's simple registration process makes it possible to become a provider in just five minutes. All you need is a GSTIN and an active bank account. Anyone can sign up to become a supplier on Meesho for free as there is no registration fee.

No Repercussions For RTOs

RTO (Return to Origins) means situations where orders cannot be delivered to customers. For any RTOs, Meesho will not charge a return shipping cost. Three tries will be made by the shipping partner to get in touch with the customer. If the customer refuses it, the merchandise will be returned to you without any fees.

Affordable Shipping

With only 18% GST added to the shipping charges, Meesho's shipping service allows you to concentrate on sales while they manage shipment and delivery. Suppliers can set their own rates, schedule deliveries with access to thousands of regional courier services, and sell their goods to millions of Meesho users.


Meesho is a great platform for suppliers to market their goods to a larger customer base and grow their enterprises in the long run. Meesho's capacity to regulate prices, simple registration and login procedures are some of its primary benefits. This facilitates leveraging sales, targeting the appropriate audience, and effective customization of campaigns. Additionally, it requires less time and money to organize and manage offline stores, freeing up sellers to concentrate on improving their products and serving customers. Finally, Meesho uses analytics to help suppliers make wise decisions regarding their future strategy and products in order to optimize growth. Selling on Meesho is an effective and profitable business decision for both current and prospective suppliers as a result of all of these elements. Whether you want to start an online store or grow your current business, Gonukkad is the perfect solution for collaboration!

Q. How much money can I make on Meesho?

A. When you receive an order or request, you can offer a price with a profit margin appended. Start placing orders through the app and tracking your sales. Most people can generate a revenue of up to Rs. 25,000 each month.

Q. How soon will we receive our payment?

A. After the product has been delivered to the buyer, the payment will be released into your account within a few days.

Q. How can I log out of Meesho?

A. 1. Locate the three tiny lines on the top-left of your signed-in account.

2. After tapping that, a large list of categories and other options will appear, along with a logout button at the bottom.

Q. How can I order in Meesho quickly?

A. Enter the Supplier Panel, select "I want to add my catalogs under Next Day Dispatch Programme" or "I want to put my entire account under Next Day Dispatch Programme" from the drop-down menu under "View all" in the "Order & Delivery" section.

Q. How do I cancel my Meesho order?

A. The "CANCEL" option allows you to cancel your order.

1. Access 'Orders'

2. Pick the order you want to revoke.

3. Select 'Cancel'.

4. Indicate your cancellation reason (you may provide more details if you'd like).

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