The Ultimate Guide to the Amazon Seller Account

The Ultimate Guide to the Amazon Seller Account

29 August, 2023

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Last updated on 30 October, 2023

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How to Create Amazon Seller Account in 2023

Learn how to create Amazon seller account effectively, from choosing the right plan to closing it if needed. Get started on Amazon's vast eCommerce platform.


Today, acquiring momentum and visibility online is crucial for the expansion of enterprises. By giving customers a smooth purchasing experience, having an online store significantly boosts the likelihood of success.

Amazon is one of the finest venues to start selling online for folks who are new to eCommerce. Amazon continues to rule online marketplaces, accounting for 41% share of the total US eCommerce, according to Forrester Research from 2022. You may claim a share of this substantial consumer market share by selling on the platform.

To help you in your journey to success, we’ve created a comprehensive guide on Amazon seller account to walk you through the process of creating an Amazon seller account sign-up.

Amazon Seller Account Login Registration

Before you dive in, it's crucial to grasp the fundamentals of Amazon vendor accounts. There are two primary selling plans: Individual and Professional.

1. Individual Plan: This is ideal if you sell fewer than 40 items monthly. You pay $0.99 per item sold but have limited access to advanced tools.

2. Professional Plan: At $39.99 monthly, this plan is best if you're serious about selling on Amazon. It offers advanced features and tools to boost your business.

Preparing to Create Amazon Seller Account

Preparation is key. Start with thorough product research, market analysis, and a solid business plan.

1. Product Research: Select your product category after extensive market research. Identify demand, competition, and profitability. Look for steady demand and healthy margins.

2. Selling Strategy: Choose between reselling, private labeling, or drop shipping. Consider a combination of these strategies.

3. Business Plan: Develop a comprehensive business plan with SMART goals, product descriptions, target audience, pricing, marketing strategies, and financial projections.

How to Create an Amazon Seller Account?

With your preparations in place, creating an Amazon vendor account is time.

1. Use your current Amazon consumer account or your company email to set up a seller account. Pick a selling strategy that works for you.

2. Complete the necessary paperwork with precise company, banking, and tax information. Make sure all the data is accurate.

3. Amazon will check your account. Be prepared to provide required documentation, such as government identification cards and financial accounts.

4. To develop your brand identification, make sure your shop and seller display names are distinctive.

5. Add a credit card with international fee-charging capability. Choose your default method of deposit.

6. Manage your team's access to your seller account and their permissions if you have one. This guarantees control and security.

7. List your items in the right categories to begin with. Utilize management tools to improve your listings and increase sales.

Amazon Seller Accounting Spreadsheet

A CPA developed it to assist Amazon sellers in managing and streamlining their monthly bookkeeping process. Simply put, the Amazon Seller accounting spreadsheet totals your company's monthly revenues and outlays to determine your net profit. You may classify costs using the various tabs, and you can import your Amazon transactional data from Amazon on a monthly basis using the monthly tabs.

Here’s exactly what you can do with this spreadsheet:

1. Import your Amazon sales, tax collected on purchases, credits for shipping and gift-wrapping, as well as your seller fees, inventory fees, shipping costs, and other information quickly and effortlessly.

2. See every one of your sales in one location.

3. So that you may accurately track your monthly expenditures, enter all of your business-related costs and purchases on a receipt-by-receipt basis. Your business-appropriate categories for categorizing expenses are used.

4. Every month, determine the total sales, costs, and net profit or loss.

5. Give you crucial sales tax figures and totals to understand what Amazon is collecting and sending on your behalf and have the information you need to complete your state's sales tax forms.

How to Delete an Amazon Seller Account?

Depending on any ongoing transactions or unresolved concerns with the account, the procedure to delete an Amazon vendor account may take up to 90 days. After the waiting time, the account will be permanently erased together with all related data, including files and order history

How to Delete an Amazon Seller Account?

1. Log in to your Amazon Seller account and go to the 'Settings' page.

2. Click on the 'Account Info' tab.

3.Scroll down to the 'Close Your Account' section.

4. Review the page information and click the 'Request Account Closure' button

5. Follow the prompts to provide additional information and confirm the closure request.

A notice will be sent to the email address associated with your account or through text message to confirm your request to close your account. To confirm the request, you have five days to answer. To avoid any problems or challenges while terminating your registration for an Amazon Seller account sign-up, following all of these instructions properly is crucial.

To permanently close your account, you should complete the following actions:

1. Fulfill or cancel any outstanding orders

2. Remove all your products from Amazon

3. Ensure your balance is $0.00

4. Wait for 90 days after your last sale


Creating an Amazon seller account in 2023 requires careful consideration and adherence to the platform's guidelines. By following the steps outlined in this guide, you can establish a solid foundation for your selling journey on Amazon or get help from Gonukkad to manage your account effectively.

As time goes by, Amazon will continue to develop and offer new opportunities for sellers to grow their businesses. You may position yourself for success and take advantage of the numerous possibilities that Amazon will continue to provide to sellers in the future by keeping up with Amazon's changes, exploring new features and programs, and responding to shifting market trends.

Q. How to choose the right Amazon seller plan?

A. Choose between Individual and Professional plans based on your monthly sales volume. Individual plans suit fewer than 40 items/month, while Professional offers advanced tools at $39.99/month.

Q. What to do before creating an Amazon Vendor account sign-up?

A. Before creating an account, conduct thorough product research, identify your selling strategy (reselling, private labeling, drop-shipping), and create a comprehensive business plan.

Q. How to create an Amazon seller account?

A. Create your account using your existing Amazon customer account or business email. Select your desired plan, provide accurate business, bank, and tax details, and verify your account with the necessary documents.

Q. What is the Amazon Seller Spreadsheet?

A. The Amazon Seller spreadsheet automates bookkeeping, tracking revenue, expenses, and net profit. It imports Amazon sales data, organizes expenses, and helps with tax calculations.

Q. How to delete an Amazon seller account?

A. To delete your account, log in, navigate to 'Settings,' click 'Account Info,' find 'Close Your Account,' review information, and follow the prompts to request an account closure. Respond to the verification within 5 days, fulfill orders, remove products, ensure a $0.00 balance, and wait 90 days after the last sale.

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