Top 10 Best Ecommerce Online Marketplace Platforms To Sell Products

Top 10 Best Ecommerce Online Marketplace Platforms To Sell Products

18 December, 2023


Last updated on 18 December, 2023

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Top 10 Online Marketplaces To Sell Your Products in 2024

Reach millions of buyers and boost your sales with these top online marketplaces. Find the perfect platform for your business and learn about the benefits of listing your products online.


It has been three years since we got relief from the severe pandemic, and we have adjusted to some of the habits that became a compulsion during the pandemic. One of the significant behavioral changes was the pattern of buying-selling operations that got digitized on a large scale during the pandemic. Online Marketplaces got a boost as the statistics say that the average share of internet users who made purchases on various e-commerce platforms increased from 33% (pre-pandemic) to more than 60% (during and post-pandemic).

What is an Online Marketplace?

An Online Marketplace is a digital platform connecting buyers and sellers to facilitate the exchange of goods and services. It can be called a digital version of common marketplaces where business happens. E-commerce platforms have emerged as a highly convenient trade means for buyers and vendors. Sellers can easily connect to their customers and know their preferences to design a personalized interface.

Top 10 Online Marketplaces To Sell Your Products

The following are the Top 10 online marketplaces in India known for conducting convenient sales for sellers and businesses:

1. Amazon

Amazon is known as the e-commerce giant in the online world. Amazon is the world's largest online market, operating across 20 countries and catering to 300 million active customers. It can be quickly sought as one of the most trusted selling platforms, which offers features like order management, shipping, and payments. Their well-designed programs for different types of businesses ensure excellent results—selling experience for you.

2. Shopee

Having a solid customer base across Southeast Asia, this Singapore-based online marketplace has offered its listing services to vendors since 2015. Shopee has a website and Android presence with minimal commission fees deducted from each sale. This makes the platform an extremely affordable avenue for small and mid-sized businesses.

3. Etsy

With a strong base of active customers numbering around 94 million, Etsy is the best choice for small businesses and indigenous handicraft sellers to display their art and get good deals. Etsy encompasses not only the general buyers but is also a sound platform where most customers are art patrons with a minute understanding of it. Handmade, décor, and vintage items fall under the most sold products here, making it a seller and buyer's pristine niche among all the online marketplaces.

4. eBay

From manufactured products to the things you don't need anymore, eBay allows you to sell anything worth something. It is a global platform where you can get amazing deals for your sellable stuff by traditional selling methods or by listing your item for an online auction. Ebay is a boon for small businesses and entrepreneurs as it offers services at a decent and reasonable fee.

5. Aliexpress

In the recent year of 2022, Alibaba Group became the world's largest e-commerce marketplace retailer, with a turnover of around 780 billion U.S. dollars through their sales. Aliexpress is known for providing a broad customer base for sellers to trade globally. The sellers could also build an online store with solid customer support at Aliexpress.

6. Alibris

Alibris is a platform for all the cinephiles, bibliophiles, and mesophiles out there, as they are enriched with 25 years of e-commerce industry experience, harnessing the most extensive collection of books, films, and music. Alibris also supports local independent sellers by exhibiting their products. Getting your product listed with Alibris assures many dedicated customer attractions with the best feedback and support system.

7. Rakuten

With more than 70 business avenues globally, Rakuten, a Japanese e-commerce platform, is the third-largest online marketplace. Their features include a user-friendly payment processing interface, shipping, and product listings. The sellers also get a reflective insight into their businesses through product analysis, shipping calculators, and market research tools. It is the best choice for companies looking to expand globally.

8. Lazada

Extensively covering many Southeast Asian countries, Lazada has a strong presence in countries like Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam, Thailand, Singapore, and the Philippines. Lazada is primarily known for its over-the-top support services for its seller clients. Their features, like product listings, coupons and discounts on sales, and automatic shipping for orders above a price bar, make it the best option for selling your products catering to the Southeast Asian audience.

9. Taobao

Another successful outlet of the Alibaba Group of businesses founded in 2003, Taobao caters to an online base of 876 million active users. The platform is mainly based in China, offering customer-to-customer retail sales and encouraging small businesses or individual entrepreneurs who can speak Chinese or Mandarin. You must be a registered company to trade on Taobao, which requires some paperwork. The Chinese platform is an excellent option for area-specified trading.

10. ShopClues

When ShopClues first launched, it was an online marketplace designed to connect customers with small and medium-sized businesses. Smaller retailers who would not have been able to reach a large audience through conventional retail channels were intended to benefit from it by having a platform. The marketplace included a wide variety of commodities, including electronics, clothing, household goods, and more.


With the increase in competitors and customers shifting their preferences to the online mode for buying essentials and luxuries, listing your company or products with different Online Marketplaces has become important like never before. These e-commercial platforms will have a larger impact on trading and sales for business firms in the coming years. It is high time for business firms to register themselves with efficient online marketplace platforms like GoNukkad and ensure their brand's convenience, profits, and global reach.

Q. What is the purpose of Online Marketplaces?

A. An online marketplace is a common platform for buyers and sellers to connect on a personalized interface for convenient and easy trade. It is also known as the e-marketplace or e-commercials, as the website owners manage most transactions.

Q. Why are online marketplaces in India good?

A. Online marketplaces offer an extensive set of active buyers worldwide at reasonable pricing and other trade-related benefits. Hence, buyers and sellers consider them a convenient means of trade.

Q. How do online marketplaces work?

A. Online marketplaces work on a common digital interface, like a website or a mobile app, and connect buyers and sellers, facilitate transactions, and generate revenue through various models like commissions, subscriptions, and advertising.

Q. What is the world's largest online marketplace?

A. Alibaba Group, headquartered in China, is the world's largest e-commerce network or online marketplace.

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