10 Best Payment Gateway in India to Accept Online Payments

10 Best Payment Gateway in India to Accept Online Payments

2 November, 2023

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Last updated on 4 April, 2024

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Top 10 Payment Gateway in India To Accept Online Payments

Are you confused about choosing the best payment gateway for your business? This article will guide you on the best payment gateway India for secure payments.

What is Payment Gateway?

The e-commerce market in India has crossed revenue of more than 63 billion US$ this year and is expected to go beyond 107 billion by the end of 2027. If you are establishing an online business, then having a payment gateway will help you accept payments from your customers while making digital transactions. It is estimated that more than 79% of households in India prefer to use digital payment methods.

So, it is essential to use a seamless payment gateway option to facilitate smooth and hassle-free transactions. However, selecting the perfect payment gateway India can be challenging, as their features, transaction fees and pricing tend to differ. This article throws light on the best payment gateways to cater to your specific business needs to help you make a well-informed decision.

Why is a Payment Gateway Essential for Business?

Businesses require a software application called payment gateway to accept payments made through credit cards, debit cards, and more. It uses encryption systems for protecting sensitive information like personal details of customers and credit card numbers recorded during transactions. The payment gateway India then passes the information about the transaction to their bank and the customer’s bank to process it instantly.

It authorizes every online transaction while making sure the amount of transactions is transferred between the customer’s account and the seller's account. Businesses have to pay a fee per transaction and a monthly fee for availing of the payment online gateway service to give their customers a secure and quick payment experience.

Best Payment Gateways for Indian Businesses

Here is the list of the best payment online gateway that Indian businesses can rely on to stay assured of smooth and secure online monetary transactions.

1. Paytm Payment Gateway

Paytm is one of the pioneering payment gateway, as it already has a wide base of customers for Paytm wallet. The Paytm payment gateway supports transactions made using several domestic credit cards like Diners, MasterCard, Amex, Discover, Visa, and Maestro. It supports online transactions around the clock from anywhere in India.

Top Features of Paytm Payment Gateway:

1. Quick Activation

2. 100-plus sources of payment

3. Easy user-interface

4. Ideal for all domestic debit/credit cards

5. Pricing: No transaction fee for Indian startups

2. RazorPay Payment Gateway

RazorPay payment gateway is a highly used payment solution by Indian e-commerce brands and SMBs. It has served more than 950,000 businesses with a whopping payment volume of more than $60 billion in 2021. This payment gateway India also doubles up as an international payment gateway as it is PCI compliant.

Top Features of RazorPay Payment Gateway:

1. No manual intervention due to API automation

2. Supports 100-plus payment modes

3. Facilitates real-time currency conversion

4. Pricing: Platform fee 2% excluding GST

3. CCAvenue Payment Gateway

CCAvenue payment gateway is a secure and quick payment partner that provides more than 200 payment options. It supports more than 14 banks EMI, 58-plus net banking facilities, over 6 credit cards and 97-plus debit cards.

Top Features of CCAvenue payment gateway:

1. Highly secure Fraud and Risk Identification System & Knowledge, or FRISK support

2. Zero withdrawal fees

3. No set-up fees

4. Supports international transactions

5. Deals Multiple currencies

4. Stripe Payment Gateway

Stripe payment gateway is a secure and convenient option for accepting online payments. The international payment gateway is ideal for businesses operating all over the world, as it supports international currencies and accepts digital payments by converting it into Indian currency. This payment gateway India supports seamless payment and refunds without any hassles.

Top Features of Stripe Payment Gateway:

Solid report generation

Easy integration

Chargeback and fraud protection

Support more than 135 currencies

Zero annual maintenance fees

Customizable checkout options

5. Cashfree Payment Gateway

If you are looking for a low-cost payment gateway for your business, then Cash Free Payment Gateway tops the list. It provides a swift payment service and offers quick refund support. This payment gateway has served over 15000 merchants and facilitates international payments too. This international payment gateway also supports all major debit and credit cards.

Top Features of Cash Free Payment Gateway:

1. Cashgram solution for customized payment link

2. Zero setup cost

3. Very secure

4. Instant payment collection

5. Anti-fraud support

6. Swift refund

6. Instamojo Payment Gateway

Instamojo Payment Gateway is yet another renowned payment gateway India with over a million active businesses. It supports over a hundred payment modes and a recurring billing feature. However, the payment gateway doesn't support payments with multiple currencies.

Top Features of Instamojo Payment Gateway:

1. 100-plus payment modes

2. Easy and straightforward user interface

3. Zero charges for bank transfer through RTGS or NEFT

4. Swift Inboarding

5. Quick website or mobile integration

7. Phonepe Payment Gateway

Phonepe Payment Gateway is an efficient and secure choice, which is widely used by businesses of all sizes. This payment gateway is specifically developed to handle high-volume transactions with amazing success rates.

Top Features of Phonepe Payment Gateway:

1. Smart Downtime Detection Technology for seamless payments

2.Secured and simple checkouts

3. Ideal for small and big businesses

4. Suitable for large-volume transactions

Final Thoughts

The payment gateway is specifically developed to create a safe environment for businesses to accept payments from customers. When you have a perfect payment gateway integrated with your business website or app, it will create a perfect impression among your customers. Choose from any of the payment gateway India we have put together to provide a secure payment service to your customers. If you are a startup or an established business looking forward to integrating a payment gateway, contact the experts at GoNukkad today!

Q. Which body regulates the payment gateway India?

A. The RBI or Reserve Bank of India regulates the payment gateways used by businesses in the country.

Q. Which is the low-cost payment gateway option for a startup?

A. Startups in India can benefit by availing of the services of Cash Free payment gateway, as it provides services at the lowest costs.

Q. Is the UPI facility available in India alone?

A. No, UPI is not only used by India but also by other countries like the UK, Nepal, Bhutan and the UAE.

Q. How do I consider the perfect payment gateway for my business?

A. Always consider factors like security and safety aspects, ease of integration, responsiveness, success rate, and responsiveness to give your customer a worry-free payment service.

Q. Which is the best domestic payment gateway in India?

A. You can choose from Instamojo, CCAvenue, Phonepe and RazorPay payment gateways.

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