Case Study: How Traders Reserve Increased ROI with eCommerce Attribution

Case Study: How Traders Reserve Increased ROI with eCommerce Attribution

4 August, 2023

Marketing Attribution

Last updated on 30 October, 2023

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A Case Study of Traders Reserve's Success With eCommerce Attribution

Marketing attribution is trending these days. Read the article to explore how Traders Reserve increased ROI with eCommerce attribution.


Did you know that about 26% of marketing budgets are wasted due to ineffective channels and strategies? That may be hard to believe but a real fact! It is indeed an eye-opener for companies. However, the good news is that several brands have successfully increased ROI with eCommerce Attribution. Wondering what is it?

In the competitive era, every business wants to stay ahead of its competitors and boost its ROI. The key is to refine marketing spend and identify the right channels to convert more prospects. That is where marketing attribution comes into the picture. Simply put, it is a process that allows marketers to determine the marketing touchpoints contributing to a conversion or sale.

In this article, you will delve into the case study of Traders Reserve and understand how it increased ROI with eCommerce Attribution.

An Overview of Traders Reserve

Traders Reserve is a leading financial publisher in Maryland. The company specializes in providing advisory and educational products to investors. They offer a wide range of recurring and one-time products across different verticals. Their core goal is to deliver world-class trading services and financial advice. The firm uses a business automation software called Ontraport to handle customer orders and manage. The company used Google ads and Facebook ads to market its products.

The Challenge Traders Reserve Faced

Before you dive into how the company increased ROI with eCommerce Attribution, having an idea of their real problem is important. The main problem of Traders Reserve was that they were unable to calculate the customer lifetime value. Moreover, they were struggling to get a clear picture of the ROI of their marketing campaigns.

To carry out multi-channel campaigns and ensure business growth, Traders Reserve leveraged Ontraport. However, the platform lacked the necessary attribution tools. As a result, the company could only track one-time purchases and not recurring purchases. But the maximum of their revenues comes from recurring purchases.

The inaccurate numbers limited Traders Reserve from calculating their ad spend revenue effectively. Moreover, scaling the marketing campaigns was also an issue. They need to know the campaigns driving positive ROI to increase their spending.

The rationale behind choosing the case study of Traders Reserve is that it suffered some of the most genuine issues. Just like this company, several other brands also experience the same problem.

The Solution - Marketing Attribution

The company realized it was hard to scale their marketing campaigns until and unless they had access to accurate data. A complete and clear picture was essential for informed decision-making. So, to overcome the above problems and ensure better ROI analysis, Traders Reserve decided to leverage eCommerce attribution.

With the help of marketing attribution, the company successfully connected lead generation and first click to the customer's lifetime value. Attributing recurring revenue was now possible. As a result, Traders Reserve could identify the specific campaigns and ads that brought maximum leads for the company. While it wasn't possible on Ontraport, marketing attribution made it simple and easy.

Ultimately, Traders Reserve increased ROI with eCommerce Attribution and was able to scale their marketing campaigns.

The Results

The use of market attribution enabled Traders Reserve to determine the most valuable channels to generate more ROI. The results of leveraging market attribution include the following:

1. Easy determination of individual keywords in Google Ads and specific campaigns, bringing quality leads.

2. The attribution of recurring revenue to identifying the exact lead sources generating maximum profitable customers.

3. Increase in the marketing campaign spending From USD 5,000 to USD 18,000. The core reason behind this was that they could see the long-term benefits of ad spending.

4. The company got a clear and broader picture of its marketing efforts. They were able to determine the high-performing campaigns and scale them. Moreover, they also identified the underperforming campaigns and stopped them.

5. Generation of 10x ROI due to the availability of accurate data and actionable insights.


Undoubtedly, sales optimization and revenue growth are at the core of every company. However, not everyone knows the right way to achieve them. Identifying what's working and not in the marketing campaigns is the key to enhancing advertising performance. Now that you know how Traders Reserve increased ROI with eCommerce.

Attribution, it is time to leverage the lessons learned and implement them for your brand. Are you struggling to increase the ROI of your business? If yes, Gonukkad can be your one-stop solution.

Q. Why does eCommerce attribution matter?

A. eCommerce attribution allows business owners to determine the efficiency of marketing channels and determine what makes the brand appealing to the customers.

Q. What are the key benefits of marketing attribution?

A. Marketing attribution helps optimize the marketing strategy, allows measuring customer lifetime value, and improves business ROI.

Q. What are the different models of marketing attribution?

A. The different eCommerce or marketing attribution models include last-click attribution, linear attribution, first-click attribution, last non-direct click, multi-touch, and position-based attribution.

Q. Which is the most commonly used attribution model?

A. Businesses popularly use multi-touch marketing attribution.

Q. What are the main challenges of marketing attribution?

A. Selecting the right attribution model, correlation bias, and integrating traditional and digital marketing are some of the common challenges businesses experience.

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