8 Ways to Use Coupons and Discounts without Sacrificing Profits

8 Ways to Use Coupons and Discounts without Sacrificing Profits

13 July, 2023


Last updated on 25 January, 2024

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8 Effective Strategies for Maximizing Coupons and Discounts while Boosting Profits

Learn how to leverage coupons and discounts to increase sales and profits without compromising your bottom line. Discover eight proven strategies that allow you to utilize promotional offers effectively, attracting new customers, and maximizing profits in a competitive market.


Coupons and discounts have always been used by businesses as incentives to maximize profits. With an increase in competition in the e-commerce business, providing customers with discounting options is a way to increase revenue. The key here is to balance factors like how frequently and when to offer such promotional activities. There are ways that businesses can use these profitable promotions to attract customers and at the same time not sacrifice their businesses.

8 Ways to Use Coupons and Discounts Without Sacrificing Your Profits

Businesses must be well aware of discounting strategies and use them effectively. Here are eight ways to use coupons and discounts as means to maximizing profits

1. Loyalty Programs

Loyalty programs are amazing ways to utilize discounts to reward loyal customers. One example of a loyalty program would be to reward a customer with a discount code on their next purchase as a thank-you when their current purchase exceeds a specific amount. Offering discount codes based on customers' previous purchases is a great incentive to attract customers to purchase again. Few e-commerce websites have a loyalty program in the form of collecting points. Hence, the discount amount depends solely on the amount of points collected. The higher the number of points, the higher the discount value. And this is directly proportional to the customers' need to purchase again. Another form of loyalty program which is quite common is offering free shipping.

2. Product Bundle Discounts

Selling products in bundles is one way to reduce the overall price and increase the overall convenience of customers. It is an alluring way to get customers into buying product bundles. Especially, if it comes in pretty and cute boxes and hampers. Offering any form of a discount on products that are sold as bundles will bring in profits and are offered a great deal for customers. This is because for businesses shipping costs are reduced

3. Treatment of New Customers

Providing coupons or discounts to customers is to secure a second purchase from them. At times, it's a way to connect with them by getting their email address. Acquiring email addresses is a fantastic way to personally sell information and offers businesses provide to customers. Sometimes, new customers might be apprehensive to make purchases, so you can offer solutions such as discount codes in exchange for email addresses or contact numbers. oney you make will be a direct result of your hard work and creativity.

Creating discounting strategies for new customers involves a lot of thinking and ways to influence them into making a purchase again. Some ways to create such profitable promotions are by placing cookies in the browsers of new customers and creating advertisements that look like they've been exclusively made for them.

4. Offering Upsells

A business can offer customers special deals when right before they complete their purchase of a single product. A few ways are to offer deals where they can buy two products at a slightly elevated price but the discount remains. This might seem like selling at a less price for the business but, it increases the order size. Another way of upselling is upselling membership services. Upselling can delight customers if the product is something the customer wishes to buy. This way they will give in easily to purchasing those products.

5. Power of Referrals

Existing customers are valuable tools to expand businesses. Word of mouth is extremely helpful to spread information about your business and products. Hence, it is vital to treat your existing customers with great care in a way that gives them a reason to spread the word and tell people such as friends and family.

Some of the ways this can be done are by providing them with coupons that can be passed on to friends or family. And when that friend or family redeems it, the existing customer will receive a reward.

This is also another way to generate new customers indirectly. These coupons could be sent via messages or emails and can be forwarded to land new customers.

6. Subscriptions and Memberships

One way to offer discounts and coupons as a way to maximize profits is to turn them into a source of recurring revenue. These are also ways to retain customers. Businesses must create a suitable and sustainable subscription model in a way that any discount provided is tenable.

Customers these days look for three things while searching for a product they want. They are quick, easy and convenient. Numerous brands offer subscriptions as ways to enhance customer retention. Offering discounts on subscriptions is also another way to make customers prefer subscriptions over one-time purchases.

Businesses can use discounting strategies to turn monthly subscriptions into annual subscriptions if used in the right way.

7. Discounts During Holiday Seasons

Sales increase around the time of holidays as many customers throng to e-commerce websites to make purchases due to the vast number of discounts and offers available on most products. This is an opportunity to capitalize on the increase in traffic during the holiday season. It is a way to help the customers and guide them to those offers that are relevant to them.

8. Early Bird Discounts

Numerous customers show interest in buying a product that is being launched for the first time in the market. Most e-commerce stores offer a pre-discount to get customers to buy these new products.

Portraying the product as exclusive and scarce can increase customer's drive into buying the product.

Discounts strategies here involve offering discounts in ways that the product's value isn't diminished. So the discounts offered must be small and subtle.


Businesses are always on the lookout for ways to increase their profits without spending a lot on costs. The above-mentioned ways are ways they can land customers and maintain their profitability levels simultaneously. Coupons and discounts if used smartly can bring in both revenue and customers. If you are looking for ways to use coupons and discounts to sell your products and build a huge customer base, head on to GoNukkad!

Q. Why are discounts and coupons important to businesses? ?

A. Discounts and coupons are promotional activities that businesses utilize to attract customers and increase revenue.

Q. How does offering customers discounts lead to sacrificing profits?

A.Offering customers discounts frequently can lead to an increase in sales and an overall increase in revenue. But it may not be the best option to maximize profits in the long run.

Q. How does offering subscriptions and membership help a business?

A.Subscriptions and memberships are appealing ways to improve customer retention. Customers prefer to get their hands on anything that is a quick and easy way for them to purchase a product. Offering subscriptions and memberships is one way to draw customers.

Q. Does upselling work to earn profits?.

A.Upselling is a way to make back on profits that were lost on the same purchase which uses discounts and coupons.

Q. How does offering discounts as a profitable promotion help businesses?

A.Discounts are a profitable promotion as it increases the traffic to the website and the chances of customers buying discounted products.

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