The Ultimate Guide To Calculating Average Selling Price on Flipkart

The Ultimate Guide To Calculating Average Selling Price on Flipkart

20 July, 2023

Average Selling

Last updated on 3 May, 2024

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Average Selling Price on Flipkart: Calculate ASP in 2024

Explore Flipkart's Success! Learn how to calculate your average selling price on Flipkart for better profits. Dive into the world of Flipkart pricing now!


For most vendors starting their ecommerce business in India with the help of an online marketplace is a safer alternative. With the help of their website, vendors can reach out to a vast audience, save on costs, and concentrate on deals before venturing out. Flipkart is an ecommerce platform that has majorly contributed to the rise of the online shopping world in India. With this article, we aim to give you an insight into how you can check your seller scores with the help of the Flipkart seller calculator and use it to maximize your deals.

A good seller score enables you to build trust with your customers and enhances the visibility of your products. This, eventually, will help you in maximizing your deals and allow you to grow as a Flipkart seller. So, go through these various factors that can help you enhance your seller score in the Flipkart seller calculator.

What are the Factors Determining the Flipkart Selling Fees and Charges?

The following elements determine the selling fees and charges on the Flipkart seller calculator:

1. Product Order

2. Product Sub-category

3. The selling price of the item (or item value of the order)

4. Seller's Performance Metrics: This is determined by your performance as a dealer, based on your on-time fulfillment rate, cancellation rate, client returns, etc.

5. Fulfillment Mode (By dealer or By Flipkart)

6. Destination and source locales of the order ( Zonal, Local, National)

7. Weight and content of the product.

8. Storage duration (for short-term and long-term, when using a Flipkart warehouse)

9. Shipping Type

10. Return Type ( By client or courier)

What is the Average Selling Price on Flipkart?

The average selling price on Flipkart is the price you set as a seller and it is also based on your performance on the Flipkart seller dashboard. Flipkart has the industry's quickest payment processing system. You receive payment between the following 7 and 15 business days from the day the purchase was sent, depending on your performance tier. For Gold Sellers, it takes 7 business days, for Silver Sellers it takes 10 business days, and for Bronze Sellers, it takes 15 business days. You set the pricing of your products, and Flipkart takes a small commission from any successful sales you generate.

How to Calculate the Average Selling Price on Flipkart?

When a company sells online, it can reach a larger audience and get visibility among buyers in different Indian cities. Additionally, customers who enjoy products from other cities won't have to wait to purchase them in person. They may easily shop online and get things delivered to their homes. Therefore, selling online not only helps you attract more customers but also boosts your overall profitability. For getting more customers, you should have a good sales score. It helps in showcasing your performance and also helps in highlighting the area in which you are good. Now that you know what is a selling price on Flipkart, see how it's calculated:

1. It's basically the average of your Product Quality and Service Quality Scores.

2. So, if your Product Quality Score is 4.3 and your Service Quality Score is 4, also your dealer Score is(4.3 4) ÷ 2. This comes to 4.1.

3. So, check your performance regularly on the Flipkart seller calculator, and follow the necessary measures because doing so will increase your Product Quality and Service Quality Score to better your performance as a Flipkart business seller.

Average Selling Price on Flipkart & Charges

The following are the fees as well as the charges that the Flipkart seller calculator assesses for its sellers. The final price is equal to the Order Item Value ( GST on marketplace freights). The business freights are resolved into the following factors:

Commission Fee

Flipkart's selling or business platform charges you for the use of the platform. It's calculated as a charge of the Order Item Value, which includes the shipping price and selling charges paid by the client. It excludes discounts offered by sellers and any SDD (Same Day Delivery)/ NDD (Next Day Delivery) charges. The commission isn't charged in case of client or courier returns. The same rate card is factored in for all categories. The charges can range from 2.5% - 28%.

Fixed Fee Charge

Flipkart charges you with this fixed fee for every successful sale on its business platform for any order which isn't returned or canceled. This fee varies based on the Order Item Value. The fixed fee isn't charged in case of client or courier returns.

Collection Fee Charge

The collection fee is charged for orders placed on Flipkart's business platform. The selling price is equal to the total amount paid by the client including the shipping prices. The same rate will card applies to all categories. The rate varies from 2% to 15%. Flipkart may not impose this fee if it is offering merchants a promotional deal.

Shipping Fee

This cost is incurred when customers' order items are shipped. When a product is measured with primary packaging, the chargeable weight is defined as the higher or total volumetric weight of the item. Additionally, it varies according to the type of shipment, whether local, regional, or national. The maximum billable weight for some verticals is 1.5 times the dead weight. Your standing as a Flipkart Silver, Bronze, or Gold Seller will decide the specific pricing.


You can discover where your performance is strong and where it needs to be improved by calculating the selling price in the Flipkart fees calculator. After that, you can put the knowledge to work to improve your performance and develop as a vendor. Flipkart seller calculator uses the term "final weight" to refer to the weight that is higher than the volumetric weight or the gross weight. The system makes the computation using both the weight supplied by Flipkart and the weight based on the Client SKU. So, one has to calculate the selling price and based on that you can see the performance metrics.

Q. What is the shipping fee on Flipkart?

A. The shipping fee is calculated and based on volumetric weight and factual weight. Flipkart follows a league system, with Gold, Silver, and Bronze levels. The Bronze tier is immediately given to you after registering as a seller. A higher level may be assigned to you based on your performance data. Additionally, merchants on the Gold and Silver tiers receive a 20% and 10% discount on the forward shipment price, respectively.

Q. Why should I use Flipkart?

A. Flipkart has evolved into one of India's leading e-commerce marketplaces for sellers. They've over 100 million people registered, and around 100 thousand merchandisers use the Flipkart seller calculator platform. Over time, they've incorporated more than 80 million products in over 80 orders including electrical appliances, clothes, games, toys, books, jewelry, etc.

Q. How to improve the service quality on Flipkart?

A. Sellers should pack orders and mark them as ready to dispatch on a first come first serve base. Sellers and the business agree on a procurement SLA (Service Level Agreement). Sellers should assign procurement SLAs to their product rosters as per their order processing capabilities. In case of extremities, increase the procurement SLAs across rosters to avoid RTD (Ready to Dispatch) breach. Finally, avoid packing orders and marking them as ready to dispatch on the last day.

Q. What are the tips to reduce seller cancellation?

A. 1.Update your product rosters regularly with the right selling price and volume.

2. Try to reference it fast to fulfill the order on time on the occasion when an ordered item isn't available in your inventory.

3. Enter your product rosters based on your order processing capabilities and avoid entering too many rosters.

Q. Flipkart seller score is based on which categories?

A. Flipkart seller score is based on:

1. Product quality score

2. Service quality score

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