Check Amazon Order Tracking Status Online in 2024

Check Amazon Order Tracking Status Online in 2024

25 September, 2023


Last updated on 19 January, 2024

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Check Amazon Order Tracking Status Online in 2024 - Gonukkad

Track your Amazon orders easily with our order tracking service. Stay updated about the status of your packages. Check Amazon Order Tracking Status Now!

Overview of Amazon

Before we delve into Amazon Order Tracking, let's study the company first. Amazon, a creation of Jeff Bezos, came into existence in 1994. It initially emerged as an online book-selling platform. However, with time, it expanded its horizon, and currently, it deals with a wide range of products. Now, several options on Amazon, such as Amazon Prime, allow users to make shipping convenient and even join the streaming platform. Other services besides Prime include Amazon Web Services, Amazon Music, Kindle e-reader, etc.

How To Track Amazon Orders?

Once you order with Amazon, the e-commerce platform informs you about the product's whereabouts. It would help if you first visited the "My orders" section to facilitate Amazon Order Tracking. There, one can find all the products ordered from the site. On clicking on the recent one, you can view its status. You can even click on the "Track your order" option to navigate the location of your order. It will also provide you with an estimated delivery date.

Track Amazon Orders without Login

Users are always trying to determine how they track the items they order. One way to do so without even logging in is as follows:

1. Find the shipping confirmation email that Amazon sends. This will contain the tracking number for the order you wish to track.

2. From the email, copy the number.

3. Launch a web browser and open the Aftership tracking page. Here, paste the tracking number of the product. Now, click on the track option to make Amazon Order Tracking simpler.

4. You will find the latest information about the location of your order.

Track Amazon UPS Package

Amazon Tracking becomes even more convenient if the UPS is being used for delivery. You can always visit the official website to track your package:

1. First, find the email Amazon sent upon shipping your product and copy the tracking number.

2. Visit the UPS official website and locate the "track" option.

3. In the text option, enter the tracking number and select the "track" option to avail of Amazon Order Tracking.

4. You will find all the location details you need about your product.

Track Amazon Package From India

Tracking an Amazon package from India is relatively easy. You can follow the steps below for Amazon Order Tracking:

1. Visit and log in to your account

2. Choose 'your orders " from the menu and navigate to the order you want to track. Click on the " track package" option.

3. You will find all the recent details about the product's location.

Track Amazon Package From China

The steps to track an order arriving from China differ, but only in some ways. The steps to do Amazon Tracking in China are as follows:

1. You must first find the order tracking number. It is generally attached to the shipping confirmation mail. You can even locate it on the order details page.

2. Visit the office website of the carrier and access its tracking options. You must first know the carriers who ship products from China to do so. Once you do it, you can boost their tracking page and enter the tracking number to get all the information.

Track Amazon Packages From Other Countries

International delivery is relatively easy to track. However, tracking orders from other countries outside the United States can get tedious. This is primarily because USPS, UPS, or Royal Mail may not accept the tracking number for such items. The international carriers may be using a distinct format for tracking.

In such circumstances, users can get help from the Aftership website. It is a third-party tracking service that can provide details for international shipping. The process to do so is as follows:

1. Launch the website and put down the tracking number in the search bar.

2. Select the delivery service from the options available on the drop-down menu.

3. You will find all the necessary information about the status of your product.

How To Track Amazon Packages For Others?

The ways to track a package meant for others do not require any extra effort. There are two ways of doing it. Firstly, one can locate the tracking number sent to the recipient upon shipment of the said product. The tracking ID can be used to know the exact whereabouts of the product by visiting a third-party tracking website.

One can even ask the recipient for the tracking number and perform the same steps. This will help you track the package's progress and know the delivery date.

Track Amazon Orders Without Tracking ID

Accessing a product's location without a tracking number is tedious and sometimes even impossible. However, there are a few steps that can make it possible:

1. Order confirmation email: Amazon sends an email after you place an order. One may not find the tracking number here, but one can look for other relevant details, such as service provider information. One may look for customer support contact details for further assistance

2. Amazon account: One can even visit their Amazon account and go to the orders page to find out details about the carrier and the delivery date

3. Contact Amazon customer support: Customer support can assist in tracking an order if all the above steps are fruitless

4. Contact the Sender: If the person's product is not the mentioned recipient, they can contact the sender for all necessary information, such as the tracking number


Hence, Amazon tracking is an online process if one understands the steps. Depending on the carrier or shipping services, there are different ways of accessing tracking information. It is essential to know all such details, and GoNukkad is the best source for this purpose. Here, one can find all the relevant information regarding Amazon tracking and how to do it.

Q. Is Amazon a USA-based company?

A. Yes, Amazon is a company from the USA and has its headquarters in Seattle, USA. But it delivers products nationally and internationally as well.

Q. How can I track Amazon order status?

A. You can easily track Amazon order status by visiting your account on the e-commerce platform and clicking on the "orders" option. You can find all the details here, such as the tracking number, location, and estimated delivery date.

Q. Where can I find Amazon customer support?

A. The Amazon customer care contact details are on the app or website. You can choose to either chat or have a telephone conversation with them.

Q. Does Amazon provide the tracking number of products?

A. When the product's status changes to "preparing for shipment" or "in transit," Amazon sends an email. It is for shipping confirmation, which contains the product's tracking number.

Q. Are there other ways to track a package from Amazon?

A. Yes, some third-party websites can help you track your order with us. Information from such sources is cited above. To know the location of a product one simply has to visit the page and enter the tracking number. It is a platform to sell your products to a wide customer base.

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