How To Check Flipkart Order Tracking Status Online

How To Check Flipkart Order Tracking Status Online

30 November, 2023


Last updated on 30 November, 2023

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Flipkart Order Tracking Online: How To Check in 2023?

Streamline the Flipkart order tracking process using these simple and hassle-free ways outlined by Gonukkad experts.


Customers are choosing ecommerce more frequently due to an enjoyable delivery experience. However, if orders are misplaced or arrive late, this convenience may be lost. The Order Tracking Status option is a godsend, removing friction and increasing user ease. E-commerce order tracking gives clients the option to follow their orders in real-time, which makes them feel more comfortable and secure while making an online purchase. We'll look at five distinct ways to track Flipkart orders in this blog article, along with the benefits of flipkart order tracking for customers. Read on.

Flipkart Order Tracking Status and Their Meanings

For those who may not be familiar with the meanings of various Flipkart order tracking statuses, this section has been created specifically for you. Before delving into the methods to check Flipkart order tracking status, take a look here.

Flipkart Order Tracking Status Meaning
Dispatching It means your order is being prepared for shipment.
Ready to Ship The order has been packed and is ready for delivery by courier service.
Out for Delivery The package is on its way and will be delivered shortly.
Delivered It signifies your package was successfully delivered.
Cancelled When your Flipkart tracking status shows canceled, it signifies your order has been canceled.

Methods for Flipkart Order Delivery Tracking

Customers can simply track the progress of their packages using these techniques.

Method 1. Using the Flipkart Website to Track Orders

You can track your order/s using the 'Flipkart order number' on the website or an app. After logging in to your account, head over to the 'Track Your Orders' section to check the current status of your purchase. This section will give you all of the information about your order, such as its current status and projected delivery date.

Method 2. Using the Flipkart App to Track Flipkart Orders

Flipkart also includes a feature-rich app that not only allows you to buy almost any item you need but also gives a variety of advantages such as Flipkart delivery code tracking. Follow the steps below to track your Flipkart order/s using the Flipkart app.

1. Start your Flipkart app.

2. Next, click on the menu symbol (three horizontal lines) placed at the top left side of the screen.

3. Select My Orders.

4. It will display all of your orders. You can look at their status by clicking on any of them.

Method 3. Using the Flipkart order number/ID to Track it

Every Order carries a unique Tracking ID to assist the buyer in tracking the status of their order. To monitor your Flipkart orders using this ID or order number, go to the Ekart Logistics website and enter your order ID in the search box provided.

It will display information about your order.

Method 4. Connect with Flipkart Customer Support Team

It is quite unusual that you have to employ this method. In rare situations, you may be unable to view the order status on the website or app owing to technical issues. In this instance, you may always contact Flipkart customer service and inquire about the status of your order. If the order was successfully placed, they will be able to track it and notify you of the specifics.

Method 5. Using SMS Tracking

For consumers who prefer to receive updates via text messages, Flipkart also provides an SMS tracking service. To use this technique, make sure you give your phone number throughout the purchasing process. Once your order is shipped, you should receive SMS notifications with information about the status of your package and when it should arrive.

Method 6. Email Notifications

Another easy approach to following your Flipkart orders is through the company's email notifications. Flipkart delivers email updates at different points of the delivery process, beginning with the order confirmation email.

The Advantages of Flipkart Order Tracking

Order tracking provides various benefits to both sellers and purchasers. Here, we will only explain the advantages that buyers can gain from the Order Tracking Status function.

1. The ability for buyers to monitor the progress of their orders is by far the biggest advantage.

2. Next, you can easily plan your day around the expected delivery date.

3. Being aware of your order's status relieves anxiety about the delivery process and offers a degree of security and peace of mind.

4. If any delay or issues occur, you can contact customer service as soon as possible.

Final Thoughts

When customers place orders, they frequently have a solid expectation that their things will arrive on time. Customers can view their package's position and projected arrival time via shipping tracking. Customers benefit from this transparency because they are kept up to date on their purchase order number and eventual destination. Flipkart realizes how important order monitoring is to their business, which is why they have spared no effort in providing several hassle-free alternatives to track orders. Explore additional insights and advice about Flipkart customer service on GoNukkad's home page.

Q. How do I trace my Flipkart purchase?

A. After sign-in, head over to the "Track Your Orders" section. Now, just select the particular order you wish to track- it will show you the current status and the projected delivery date of the selected order.

Q. What information do I need to trace my Flipkart purchase?

A. To monitor your Flipkart order, you will normally need either your order number or the tracking ID issued by Flipkart at the time of transaction.

Q. Can I track numerous orders on Flipkart at the same time?

A. Yes, Flipkart allows you to track many orders simultaneously. Simply launch your app, or if you're using the website, just sign in and then navigate to the "Track Your Orders" section.

Q. What should I do if I can't find my Flipkart order?

A. You can call Flipkart customer service while having difficulty finding your order.

Q. How Do I Locate My Flipkart Order Number?

A. The Flipkart order number can be found in the "My Account" section.

  • Go to the Order History page.
  • You can find the order number by looking at recently placed orders.
  • You can also obtain tracking information by checking your registered email address.

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