Amazon Aggregators 2024

Amazon Aggregators 2024

31 July, 2023

Amazon Aggregator

Last updated on 7 May, 2024

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How Data Aggregation to Amazon Marketplace is Changing the E-Commerce Landscape in 2024

Learn all about Amazon aggregator, the hot new trend in e-commerce. Discover how Data Aggregation to Amazon marketplace is changing the landscape and what the future holds for this industry.


You have started your e-commerce business with that enthusiasm but it didn't last. Why? Probably, your business is not doing well the way you have imagined. But, you need not worry because an Amazon aggregator can make your work easy.

With the data aggregation to Amazon marketplace, you can save your business. Most small businesses start with zeal but Amazon's market existence becomes the only option. The reason behind it is the lack of strategy and the understanding of the market. With an Amazon approved aggregator you can definitely find a way out to drive your business.

If you are very new to Amazon business and facing issues with understanding the aggregator theory, we have your back. In this blog, we will discuss the Amazon product aggregator and how they can help you.

Understanding Data Aggregation in the Amazon Marketplace

Data aggregation has immense importance in the business. When you are in the Amazon marketplace, understanding the data aggregation works for your benefit. In simple words, data aggregation means the collection of data from various sources within the Amazon marketplace. Through customer feedback, product listing, and pricing, one can get the data to fast-track the process.

In today's world, data is the king and if you can manage it well, you don't have to look back. However, collecting data and analyzing them is not a piece of cake. Moreover, the data world is filled with a lot of blurry and false data. Of course, they do not work for you unless you filter them and make them usable.

So, you can collect and consolidate data in two ways- manually and automated. When you go for manual data aggregation in the Amazon marketplace, the process might not entertain you. But, the automated process can quicken your task. However, make sure you keep an eye on them.

Amazon Aggregators and their Responsibilities

Dropping the earning graph does not happen overnight. It comes with an alert that you might not notice. This is the pivotal reason why people exit the Amazon selling business. Understanding this crisis, some businesses have grown up to help those small or growing brands. They are called the Amazon aggregator.

These businesses come into the market to scale up others to avoid the exits. Most of the aggregators have expertise in business or Amazon veterans who understand the business well. These people invest in those small brands to upscale them or show the way to earn profits.

However, these Amazon aggregators are not free for challenges. Among everything, an aggregator needs to build the trust that it can bring positive changes in those small businesses. According to some surveys, more than 30% of the valuation has dropped. However, bringing new strategies like data aggregation in Amazon Marketplaces, these aggregators are evolving in 2024.

In the last few years, these aggregators have raised more than $16 billion in capital and they are 93 in total. Thrasio is one of them which has raised around $3.4 billion so far. Most of the brands are from the US but China, India, and other Asian countries are Amazon-approved aggregators. Mensa and GlobalBees are solely Indian aggregators.

Should You Sell Your Business to an Amazon Agreegator in 2024?

Previously we have discussed the positive aspects of an Amazon prime aggregator India. The challenges are some complimentary parts of Amazon's business. However, before considering the business to an aggregator, you must understand some aspects.

An aggregator is an expert and aids your business financially. Beyond that, they can skyrocket your business in several days. This sounds great. With their experience and strategy, you can bring the profit that you have imagined. Your small brand can be established as a global brand with the help of those aggregators.

However, there are negative aspects you must consider too. It is not risk-free so you need to study the detailed strategy before acquiring an aggregator. Also, aggregators have some preferences before investing in a brand.

The first thing an aggregator looks at is the business type. The most preferable businesses are reselling and manufacturing. The reason behind it is the possibility to bring authentic products and ease competitiveness smoothly. Apart from that, the profit figures are something they always consider.

SKUs (Stock Keeping Units) come under consideration before choosing a brand to invest in. If a brand has the potential to bring out more quality products than its competitor, the aggregator will show a green flag to this brand.

If your business ticks above criterion, you can go for the Amazon aggregator.


In this article, we have discussed Amazon aggregators and their work responsibilities. If you are stressing about your business growth, this article will be helpful. Also, if you want to skyrocket your business, visit Gonukkad as it is one of the largest e-commerce marketplaces in India.

Q. Is Shopify an aggregator?

A. Shopify might seem like an Amazon aggregator but it is not an aggregator. However, Shopify’s work strategy is similar to an aggregator.

Q. How much do Amazon aggregators pay?

A. The payment or the funding is variable. There is no specific number for it. Depending on various aspects, an Amazon aggregator will pay or invest in a brand.

Q. What is an e-commerce aggregator brand?

A. An e-commerce aggregator brand brings several brands together and helps buyers to find their product in a single marketplace.

Q. Is there any Indian Amazon aggregator?

A. Yes, there are. Among 93 active Amazon aggregators, there are some Indian aggregator brands too. Mensa is a Bangalore-based Indian aggregator.

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