Best Amazon Keyword Tool For Free in 2024

Best Amazon Keyword Tool For Free in 2024

6 November, 2023

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Last updated on 2 May, 2024

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Amazon Keyword Research Tool: Top 10 Free Keyword Tool

Find the top Amazon keyword tool for free in 2024. Optimize your strategy with the Amazon FBA keyword tool product research. Boost your product rankings.

What are Amazon Keyword Tools?

Amazon Keyword Tools are specialized tools and resources designed to help Amazon sellers, businesses, and marketers with keyword research and optimization on the Amazon platform. These tools are essential for optimizing product listings and improving their visibility in Amazon search results.

Here's how they work:

1. Keyword Research: These tools dig up the right words and phrases that shoppers type when looking for stuff on Amazon.

2. Competitor Spy: These tools allow you to check what your competitors are doing, helping you make better choices for your own keywords.

3. Track & Tweak: Some tools even let you see if your chosen words are doing the job and help you make changes.

4. Paid Ads Help: If you're running Amazon ads, these tools can help you by recommending keywords and taking care of your bidding strategy.

Importance of Keywords on Amazon

Keywords are a big deal on Amazon. They decide if your products get seen by shoppers or not. They play importance due to their:-

1. Search Visibility: When folks search, products with matching keywords show up more.

2. Beat Competitors: Using keywords well helps you outrank rivals and sell more.

3. Higher Sales: Good keywords lead to more clicks and sales.

4. Ads: Picking the best keywords for ads can boost your ad performance.

Why To Use a Free Amazon Keyword Tool In 2024?

In 2024, using free Amazon Keyword Tools is important for various reasons:

1. Budget-Friendly: Free tools provide valuable insights without the cost of premium options, making them ideal for startups and small businesses with limited budgets.

2. Keyword Research: These tools help find the best keywords for Amazon product listings, boosting visibility and sales.

3. Keyword Trends:They identify trending keywords to keep your listings in sync with market demands.

4. Savings on Marketing: Effective keyword use reduces the need for costly Amazon advertising.

Top Free Amazon Keyword Tools

Using Amazon keyword tools for free can enhance your product's visibility and sales on Amazon. Here are some top options:

1. Amazon's Built-in Tools: Amazon Keyword Planner is a good starting point for relevant keywords.

2. Google Keyword Planner: It helps identify terms potential Amazon customers might use.

3. Sonar (formerly Sonar by Sellics): Offers keyword suggestions and search volume data.

4. Keyword Tool Dominator: Helps discover relevant Amazon keywords.

5. Find Amazon keyword ideas by searching related terms.

6. MerchantWords: Offers a free version with limited functionality for keyword suggestions.

7. Helium 10 Free Plan: Basic keyword research features from a premium tool.

8. Soozone's Free Amazon Keyword Tool: Provides keyword suggestions and search volume data.

How to Choose the Right Amazon Keyword Tool

To pick the right Amazon keyword tool for your SEO and content marketing, follow these steps:

1. Know Your Needs: Define what you require, whether it's keyword research, rank tracking, or analyzing the competition.

2. Reliable Data: Choose a tool that provides accurate keyword data, including search volume and competition.

3. Competitor Analysis: Ensure the tool lets you analyze competitor keywords and strategies.

4. Budget-Friendly: Consider your budget when choosing between free or paid tools.

5. Filter and Sort: Select a tool that allows you to filter and prioritize valuable keywords.

6. Customer Support: Check for responsive customer support.

7. Reviews and Recommendations: Read user reviews and expert recommendations to gauge effectiveness.

8. Trial Period: Begin with a tool that offers a free trial to test its features.

Future Trends in Amazon Keyword Research

In the world of Amazon keyword research, there are some exciting trends to keep an eye on:

1. Voice Search: With the growth of voice-activated devices, using conversational keywords for voice search is vital.

2. AI Tools: Artificial intelligence will provide more precise insights, helping sellers make informed decisions.

3. Video SEO: Optimizing video descriptions and tags with the right keywords is crucial as video content on Amazon increases.

4. Sustainability: Keywords related to eco-friendly products will be more important.

5. Seasonal and Trendy Keywords: Quick responses to trends and seasonal keywords are crucial.


In 2024, the right free Amazon keyword tools are essential for boosting your Amazon business. These tools aid in keyword research, product optimization, and competitor analysis, leading to improved product listings, increased visibility, and higher sales. For those looking to take their Amazon business to the next level, advanced solutions like Gonukkad offer comprehensive features and insights for keyword research and product optimization. Visit Gonukkad now!

Q. Why are keyword tools important for Amazon sellers in 2024?

A. In 2024, keyword tools are a must for Amazon sellers because they help discover keywords with high traffic and low competition, boosting product visibility and sales.

Q. Are there free Amazon keyword tools in 2024?

A. Yes, you can find free keyword tools like Amazon's own tool, as well as third-party options like Ubersuggest and Sonar for Amazon keyword research.

Q.How can I use keyword tools to increase Amazon sales in 2024?

A. To enhance sales, focus on long-tail keywords, monitor keyword performance, and optimize product listings based on insights from these tools.

Q. What is an Amazon FBA keyword tool for product research?

A. An Amazon FBA keyword tool assists sellers in finding the best keywords to boost their product listings on Amazon. It enhances visibility and sales.

Q. Can I rely solely on free Amazon keyword tools, or should I consider paid options in 2024?

A. While free tools are useful, paid options provide more advanced features and comprehensive data. Depending on your budget and needs, a combination of both can yield the best results.

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