Top 5 High Demand Products with Low Competition To Sell on Amazon

Top 5 High Demand Products with Low Competition To Sell on Amazon

29 November, 2023


Last updated on 29 November, 2023

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Top 5 High Demand Products To Sell on Amazon in 2023

Unlock success in e-commerce with high demand products to sell on amazon. Discover unique opportunities, including high demand low supply products in India.


Selling on Amazon is lucrative, but success hinges on strategic product selection. In the vast marketplace, the key lies in identifying high demand low supply products in India. This guide explores the critical importance of choosing wisely to stand out in the crowded eCommerce landscape. Delving into the top five High Demand Products to sell and low competition on Amazon, we'll unveil the strategies that can elevate your business in this competitive realm.

What is a High Demand Product?

High demand products refer to items experiencing a substantial volume of sales, typically exceeding 300 units per month in the context of Amazon. These are the sought-after commodities that attract a significant consumer base. Understanding what constitutes a high demand product is fundamental for successful selling. Here's a breakdown:

Criteria for Determining Demand

Here's the criteria for determining demand of the product:

1. Sales Volume: A product with over 300 monthly sales is often considered in high demand.

2. Trending Categories: Identifying categories with consistent popularity, such as Clothing, Electronics, or Beauty, indicates high demand.

3. Amazon Best Sellers: Products listed on Amazon's page are likely in high demand, though sales numbers aren't explicitly provided.

Market Research Techniques

Here are the market research techniques for high demand products to sell:

1. Use of Product Research Tools: Tools like AMZScout's Product Database and PRO Extension offer insights into estimated sales, revenue, and competition.

2. Amazon Best Sellers Page: Regularly check the Best Sellers page to identify trending and high demand products to sell on amazon.

3. Online Webinars: Participating in webinars led by professional sellers can provide ideas for new, in-demand products.

Top 5 High Demand Products To Sell on Amazon

Navigating the vast Amazon marketplace requires sellers to identify product categories with both high demand and low competition. Here's an in-depth analysis of the top five products that present this lucrative combination:

1. Beauty and Personal Care

1. Demand: Beauty products, including unique cosmetics or skincare items, often witness consistent demand.

2. Competition: While major brands dominate, there is ample space for niche products or innovative formulations.

2. Baby Products

1. Demand: Baby care items, toys, and accessories cater to a consistent market with a growing demographic.

2. Competition: Innovative and specialized products can succeed in a market dominated by established brands.

3. Arts, Crafts, and Sewing

1. Demand: With the rise of DIY culture, there's a steady demand for crafting supplies and unique handmade items.

2. Competition: Niche crafting materials or kits can find a dedicated customer base.

4. Health and Household

1. Demand: Health-related products, home organization items, and sustainable living solutions have rising demand.

2. Competition: Identifying eco-friendly alternatives or innovative home solutions can set products apart.

5. Kitchen and Dining

1. Demand: Unique kitchen gadgets, specialty cookware, and dining accessories cater to a diverse audience.

2. Competition: Introducing novel, functional kitchen tools can capitalize on demand while avoiding direct competition.

How to Stay Updated for High Demand Products?

Understanding current market trends is crucial for sellers to adapt and thrive in the ever-changing eCommerce landscape. Here's an organized overview:

A. Overview of Current Market Trends

1. Technology and Gadgets: With an increasing reliance on technology, products like smart home devices, wearables, and productivity tools are in high demand.

2. Health and Wellness: The pandemic has amplified the demand for health-related products, including fitness equipment, supplements, and personal care items.

3. Home Improvement: As more people spend time at home, there's a surge in demand for home improvement and organization products.

B. Influence of the Pandemic on Product Demand

1. Home-Centric Lifestyle: Lockdowns and remote work have shifted consumer priorities towards products enhancing the home environment.

2. E-Commerce Boom: The rise of online shopping has propelled demand for a wide range of products, from home office essentials to entertainment items.

C. Tips for Adapting to Changing Market Demands

1. Stay Informed: Regularly monitor market trends through tools, reports, and industry news.

2. Flexible Inventory Management: Adapt inventory to reflect shifting demand, avoiding overstock or stockouts.

3. Customer Engagement: Stay connected with customers through surveys, reviews, and social media to understand evolving preferences.

4. Diversify Product Portfolio: Explore complementary products or variations to cater to diverse consumer needs.

In a dynamic marketplace influenced by global events, sellers on Amazon must stay agile, informed, and responsive to current market trends to thrive.


The significance of selecting products with high demand and low competition on Amazon cannot be overstated. Sellers embark on thorough research, identify niches, and innovate within trending categories. Success awaits those who navigate the dynamic marketplace strategically. Explore the potential for triumph with Gonukkad—an invaluable resource for your eCommerce journey.

Q. What defines a high demand product on Amazon?

A. A product with over 300 sales per month is typically considered high demand, providing ample sales potential for sellers.

Q. How can I find high demand, low-competition products?

A. Utilize tools like AMZScout for product research, explore Amazon's Best Sellers, and leverage SellerSprite's search suggestions.

Q. What are examples of high demand products with low competition?

A. Foaming soap tablets, toddler golf sets, and zero-waste deodorant are examples of products in demand with limited competition.

Q. How does the pandemic influence current product demand?

A. The pandemic has heightened demand for health products, home improvement items, and technology, reflecting changes in lifestyle and priorities.

Q. Why is staying informed about market trends crucial for Amazon sellers?

A. Staying informed helps sellers adapt to evolving consumer needs, ensuring strategic product selection and long-term success.

Q. What products are in high demand right now?

A. Products from beauty, personal care, arts, health and household are in high demand now.

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