How to Delete Myntra Order History: Easy Steps to Follow

How to Delete Myntra Order History: Easy Steps to Follow

26 December, 2023


Last updated on 26 December, 2023

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How to Delete Myntra Order History: The Ultimate Guide

Effortlessly know how to delete Myntra order history. Follow simple steps to clear purchase records for enhanced privacy.


In today's digital age, online shopping has become an integral part of our lives, offering convenience and a plethora of options at our fingertips. Platforms like Myntra store our purchase history, which can contain sensitive information. While specific steps on how to delete order history from Myntra might not be advisable due to platform policies, managing your account's privacy is essential.

Myntra is among the most well-known e-commerce sites in India, as everyone is aware. It provides a broad range of goods, from clothes and shoes to accessories and makeup. It also provides its clients with high-quality services. We occasionally wish to Clear our History since we want to keep our Order History private from outsiders. You are here because you wish to remove the history of your Myntra orders. You've come to the right place if you've been wondering "how to delete Myntra order history." In this piece, you'll discover a simple method for doing so.

Simply follow the instructions step-by-step; all necessary procedures have been included and are mentioned below with the corresponding steps to help you delete your Myntra order history.

How to Delete Myntra Order History

Although there isn't a straightforward way to remove your Myntra order history, you can still attempt to do so by getting in touch with the Myntra Customer Support team. To contact the support team and request that your order history be deleted, first log in to your account, click the Menu option and then select Contact Us. After choosing the Others option twice, click the Contact Us button. Next, select the Call or Chat option.

Step 1: Log in to your Account in the Myntra Application

You must first open the Myntra app and log in to your account in order to remove your order history.

Step 2: Press the Menu Option

Navigate to the Menu option and press it to proceed.

Step 3: Select the Contact Us Option

There are a number of alternatives available to you while you are in the menu section; all you need to do is select the Contact Us option.

Step 4: Select Other Option Twice

You will see a number of alternatives on your screen after clicking "Contact us." To access them, choose the "Other" option. You will get a number of alternatives after selecting the other option once more; select the “Other” option.

Step 5: Choose Contact Us Option

The Contact Us option will be highlighted in red when you click on the other choice. You must click on it.

Step 6: Select Chat Option To Support Team

Once you click Contact Us, a popup window will display on your screen. To get in touch with the support staff, you must now select between calling or chatting.

Step 7: Ask Assistance to Delete Myntra Order History

Two options—Chat and Call Now—appear on your screen in the above image. The Call Now option is what you need to click now. Clicking Contact Us will take you to your phone's dialer, where you can see a number. To speak with a customer executive, call this number and follow the customer service instructions. To delete your Myntra order history, you may contact customer service.


Prioritizing account privacy and data protection is crucial, even when platforms like Myntra may not allow you to delete order history records according to their restrictions. Using privacy tools, changing your passwords frequently, and regularly checking your account settings all help to keep your online shopping data safe.

Recall that although protecting privacy is vital, adhering to platform policies is also critical. You may better manage your online shopping accounts and safeguard your data online by implementing these techniques. For any professional and business bits of advice, head on to GoNukkad!

Q. Can I Delete Specific Orders from My Myntra Order History?

A. Typically, most online platforms, including Myntra, don't offer an option to delete specific orders from your order history selectively. However, you can explore privacy settings or contact Myntra's customer support for guidance on managing visibility.

Q. Does Deleting Myntra App or Account Automatically Remove Order History?

A. Uninstalling the Myntra app or deactivating your Myntra account might not necessarily delete your order history. Often, this data is stored securely on the platform's servers. Explore account settings or contact support for precise instructions.

Q. Are There Options to Limit Order History Retention on Myntra?

A. Some platforms provide settings to control data retention. Check Myntra's account settings or privacy policy for any available options to limit the duration of order history storage.

Q. Can I Clear Myntra Order History to Maintain Privacy?

A. Deleting order history may not be an available feature on Myntra. However, regular review of account settings, clearing browser cache and cookies, and using privacy tools can enhance your overall privacy.

Q. How Do I Ensure My Myntra Order History is Secure?

A. To secure your Myntra order history, focus on maintaining a strong and unique password for your account. Enable two-factor authentication for added security and regularly review your account settings for any available privacy options.

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