Managing Your Meesho Seller Account: A Comprehensive Guide

Managing Your Meesho Seller Account: A Comprehensive Guide

12 July, 2023

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Last updated on 9 January, 2024

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Everything You Need to Know About a Meesho Seller Account

Unlock the full potential of Meesho as a seller with our comprehensive guide. Discover the benefits of setting up a Meesho seller account, from accessing a large customer base to leveraging powerful selling tools. Our guide covers everything you need to know about creating a Meesho seller account, from verifying your details to uploading your products. Start your journey as a successful Meesho seller today!


One of the most lucrative e-commerce sites is Meesho, which popularized the idea of selling through social media networks. Reselling is buying goods from manufacturers and reselling them to clients for a profit. Resellers can profit from each product they sell by promoting Meesho products on social media and other networks. As a result, it is now simple for individuals to launch online enterprises through resale without making any significant investment. The Meesho Seller Panel currently has over a crore resellers. This blog will explain how to open and manage your Meesho Seller Account, as well as other additional details. This blog will explain how to open and manage your Meesho Seller Account, as well as other additional details.

How To Manage Your Meesho Seller Account

You must create a Meesho Seller Account and sign up as a seller to sell on Meesho. Please follow these instructions to do that.

Build Your Meesho Seller Profile

You must establish a Meesho seller profile to begin selling on Meesho. Giving basic information about your identity and your company, such as your name, contact information, and bank account information, is required. The steps to creating your Meesho account are as follows:

1. Click the "Become a Supplier" link on the Meesho website.

2. Your personal and business information must be entered on the registration form.

3. Check your email address and mobile number.

4. Create a strong password for your account.

5. Give your bank account information so that you can be paid.

6. Read the terms and conditions carefully and then accept them.

7. Please send your application, then wait for the Meesho team to approve it.

8. You may go to the Meesho dashboard and begin adding product listings after your Meesho Seller Account has been approved.

Search Products to Sell

The extensive selection of items you may offer clients is one of the advantages of selling on Meesho. However, with so many options available, finding the right products to sell in your store can take time and effort. Consider who your ideal consumer is and what they require from a product. By doing this, you may focus on products that will appeal to your target market. Look for items that are distinctive or in great demand yet may only face a little competition. This will make you stand out from other merchants and boost your sales. Research the suppliers of the goods you're interested in selling to and make sure they're reputable and provide high-quality goods.

Create Product Listings

It's time to create your Meesho Seller Account listings once you've determined goods to sell. Comprehensive product information, including product descriptions, images, and price details, must be provided. To make a product listing on Meesho, follow the below given steps:

1. Go to your Meesho dashboard and log in.

2. Click the "Create a Listing" button.

3. Fill in the product information, including the name, images, and description.

4. Decide on the product's pricing.

5. Select a shipping option and enter any necessary shipping-related data.

6. Please wait for the Meesho staff to examine and approve your listing once you submit it.

7. After approval, your product will be up for sale through your Meesho store. You will have access to the Meesho Supplier Panel once you have registered. Log in to the Supplier panel and easily handle every aspect of your online company, from displaying your items and maintaining inventory to processing orders and keeping track of payments. Before beginning to sell on Meesho, you must upload your catalog. You can submit your product catalog by logging onto the Meesho Supplier Panel. To ensure that your submitted catalogs meet Meesho's requirements, we recommend that you read the Supplier Panel's legal and policy section.

Getting Orders

You can begin selling on Meesho once your catalog is up. The ability to see and buy your items would be available to more than 11 crore active users all over India. On Meesho, it often takes 5-7 catalogs before orders flow in. Your chances of earning demands increase as more catalogs are uploaded. Consider the related costs and margin when determining the appropriate pricing for the goods you wish to sell on Meesho. By gaining an advantage over other sellers, you could use the price recommendation tool to choose fair pricing and boost your sales. To get more orders, try listing popular products and become a member of Meesho's NDD program to boost your sales. All catalogs that meet the requirements for the NDD program receive increased visibility through Meesho.

Fulfilling and Delivering Orders

The Meesho Supplier Panel allows you to view the order update. Meesho offers the most affordable shipping rates for deliveries made all over India. The products are picked up from your location and delivered directly to the consumer by the logistics partner. Go to the Meesho Supplier Panel and take these steps to complete an order.

1. Accept your order

2. Download the label

3. Product packaging and label application

4. Deliver the product to Meesho's logistics partners

When a customer orders through your Meesho store, it's crucial to effectively serve the order and deliver the requested product. This will promote recurring business and ensure customer satisfaction. All product categories at Meesho have a 0% commission fee for vendors.


Your orders, including Cash on Delivery orders, are securely paid into your bank account seven days after the product is delivered. On the Meesho Supplier Panel, you can get your Meesho seller information including deposited balance and upcoming payments.

Maximize Your Earnings

Finally, it's essential to concentrate on raising your Meesho earnings. This entails controlling your spending and successfully improving your product listings. Ensure your product descriptions are comprehensive, images are appealing, and you have reasonable prices. Offering discounts and running promotions may boost sales and earnings. Consider adding new goods to your business to attract a larger audience and boost impressions. Building a solid client base and advertising your business on social media are two things you may concentrate on to increase your sales graph on Meesho.

Commission of a Meesho Seller

Commission of a Meesho Seller As a Meesho seller, you may be paid a commission on sales generated by your shop. Commission prices vary depending on the product type. Meesho won't charge you anything to create a Meesho Seller Account or feature your items. Further, you'll get the total sale price with no reductions for online or offline purchases. Meesho generates revenue by having sellers advertise on its marketplace. Sellers may promote their items on Meesho, which offers over 68 million product listings spread over 30 categories.


Meesho is one of the exclusive online marketplaces that puts the needs of its vendors before its interests. With over a crore resellers on the platform, it has become simple for people to start their online businesses without making an initial investment. Simple steps are required to create and maintain a Meesho Seller Account. Vendors may upload their product catalogs to expose their goods to India's more than 11 crore active customers. Sellers may increase their revenue on the site by carefully choosing the goods to offer, developing thorough product listings, and managing orders effectively. The attraction of selling on Meesho is further increased by the availability of direct bank account deposits and the 0% commission cost across all product categories. To maximize exposure and market share, one can collaborate with GoNukkad.

Q. What is the Meesho order management process?

By logging into your account, selecting the "Orders" page, and reviewing your order history, you may manage your orders on the Meesho supplier panel.

Q. Can sellers use Meesho without paying GST?

A. Sellers generating up to Rs. 40 lakhs in yearly sales are exempted from GST. However, most dealers will have sales volumes above this amount and will be required to pay GST.

Q. What is the Meesho approach for resellers?

A. Resellers can advertise listings on Meesho to their network or via social media, which can result in a profit for each transaction.

Q. What is the product shipping schedule for Meesho?

A. Orders must be shipped within a couple of days after being received, following the schedule you've agreed upon.

Q. How much commission does Meesho charge to sellers?

A. Meesho levies a 0% commission fee on suppliers across all product categories,

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