The Power of Community Engagement: Strategies for Success

The Power of Community Engagement: Strategies for Success

15 September, 2023

Social Selling Success

Last updated on 24 January, 2024

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Community Engagement: Strategies for Social Commerce in 2024

Climb the ladder to social selling success by learning to establish a strong community engagement!


Social commerce can be a powerful instrument companies can use to boost sales, brand visibility, and consumer engagement. Brands can build a seamless consumer purchasing experience by merging social media with e-commerce. To obtain the most out of the power of social commerce, you must first comprehend the importance of community engagement and its role in building an online community.

Why is Social Commerce the Key to Success?

China became notably the first to embrace social commerce, with revenues expected in 2021 to amount to $363 Billion, accounting for 13% of overall e-commerce sales. In contrast, social commerce in the US in 2020 earned a considerably more cautious $26 Billion.

Living in a world where social selling success stories surround us, it is apparent that customers like to explore commodities and execute transactions via an app using social networking and content production platforms. Such a fresh way of shopping reduces congestion in the purchasing process, produces a more compelling trip for the end user, and opens up new avenues for companies to build consumer interest. So, what should your company consider before diving directly into social commerce?

Establish a Potent Community Engagement

Brands now have an identity on significant social networks, thanks to the growing popularity of social media platforms. The brand's online staff share the most recent advancements on these platforms and use them to interact with customers, resolve complaints, and inform them about new product launches.

Nevertheless, it remains necessary to cut away from the clutter, develop a distinctive brand and content strategy, or create an original marketing campaign that will help consumers connect.

Getting Started by Building Online Community

If the brand can establish a customer community, then it will assist them in generating a higher level of community engagement and completely address the brand's recall challenge. Consider a community with millions of supporters who actively promote good brand conversations. The effect achieved is incredible!

Follow the given tips to create a social selling success by establishing a thriving online community:

1. Create Viral Community

Developing an innovative and genuine content plan for the brand's community is essential. Align with your customer's interests and sentiments to develop content that will connect with them.

2. Leverage the Hashtags

Hashtags are useful for increasing campaign/brand recall, tracking, and mobilizing community engagement. It facilitates 'social listening.' You can also create the brand/campaign's hashtag to promote your services. By browsing for the established brand's hashtag, you may get an idea of what's going on in the online community as a whole.

3. Community Engagement

Brand communities thrive since they engage with customers and satisfy the needs of those who participate. Failure to engage will result in the loss of unsatisfied members and unfavourable referral traffic exposure for the company.

4. Power of Contents

Customer-centric content has the potential to be extremely impactful and relevant to a wider viewership. It is authentic, contributes to creating a forthcoming brand, and allows people to divulge their experiences in a more enjoyable, interesting, and engaging manner.

5. Collaborations

Community engagement is an excellent way to learn about new trends and customer behaviour. Additionally, brands can effectively employ this method to gather comments and ideas from present and potential consumers.


Social commerce offers beyond just an innovative method to shop. It signifies a transformation in how customers engage with brands regarding when, how, and where they shop. This allows for a significantly more dynamic, interesting, and experiential trip for consumer-oriented brands. By obtaining a good start right away, your business will be capable of achieving valuable momentum before social commerce gets saturated. You can now conveniently increase your online visibility and streamline your seller's profile on Amazon with the various services offered by GoNukkad.

Q. What is a famous case study on community engagement?

A. When it comes to communities, the case study of Harley-Davidson is particularly popular. The corporation was suffering from a recession in 1983. Later, the firm Community engagement in creating a community and cultivating a network of brand champions who identify with the company's values and enjoy the lifestyle of Harley-Davidson. They created a community focused on a 'brotherhood of motorcyclists' linked by the same passion. After 25 years, the company was ranked among the top 50 international brands and was valued at over $7.8 Billion.

Q. What constitutes a community?

A. A community comprises a venue for the company's existing and target/potential consumers to connect, chat, and debate issues over a mutual interest. The idea of a community is that people enthusiastic about a category or a cause are likely to connect more effectively since they have a shared goal or face similar obstacles.

Q. What are the basic principles to follow in building an online community?

A. While company strategies differ, several fundamental principles give the community an advantage. Firstly, businesses must determine the scope of their community. Communities should not be viewed as a tool for corporate promotion. Rather, it is advised that the community be linked to a purpose or a significant project aligned with the brand's purpose, services, and products. It must be relevant and relatable to the customer base of your brand.

Q. What is an example of social commerce?

A. For instance, instead of viewing an advertisement for the latest skin-care products, a celebrity can take you behind the curtain of their everyday skin-care regimen. By demonstrating to you how they apply the brand's item, they also reveal why they value it. This piques the consumers' interest, and those interested in the product can purchase the goods straight from the site in question, whether it is TikTok, YouTube Shopping, or Instagram.

Q. Why is it important to establish a brand identity?

A. It is no longer enough to raise awareness of a brand or product. Marketing is more about building brand recall to ensure they remain at the forefront of buyers' minds. Consumers end up shopping from brands that connect well, recognize consumers' needs, and personalize their services to make them more engaging.

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