Top 5 Amazon Review Checker Tools to Identify Real or Fake Reviews

Top 5 Amazon Review Checker Tools to Identify Real or Fake Reviews

11 December, 2023


Last updated on 2 May, 2024

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Amazon Review Checker: Top 5 Tool to Identify Real or Fake Reviews

Explore the best Amazon review checker tools to distinguish between authentic and fake reviews. Uncover the truth about products with Amazon's fake review checker tools.


The retail landscape has altered considerably in the post-pandemic world, which has seen an increase in internet users to over five billion worldwide. The resulting exponential rise in online transactions has resulted in retail e-commerce sales exceeding 5.7 trillion U.S. dollars globally in 2022.

Online marketplaces have emerged as the dominant force, shaping the future of retail. In this digital world, Amazon, the Seattle-based e-commerce giant, is a market leader, with around 5.9 billion direct visits to its website in April 2024.

The dynamic nature of global digital consumer behavior sets the stage for a continuously evolving e-commerce landscape. Customer reviews play an influential role in guiding these online purchase decisions. The digital marketplace, particularly on Amazon, relies heavily on user-generated content that aids potential buyers in making informed choices. However, this democratization of opinions has given rise to a challenge – the prevalence of fake reviews. To address this concern, savvy shoppers are turning to advanced solutions.

In this article, we will explore the top 5 Amazon review checker tools, empowering users to navigate through the intricate web of reviews and identify the authentic from the deceptive.

How to Spot Fake Reviews on Amazon?

The fierce competition among sellers on Amazon has led to the emergence of fake review services aiming to elevate products artificially. Here are some common strategies to spot fake reviews:

Generic Reviews with Little Context

1. Red Flag: A glowing or overly negative review with minimal context.

2. Implication: Fake reviews may lack genuine experiences and appear generic.

Absence of "Verified Purchase" Label

1. Red Flag: Reviews without the "Verified Purchase" label.

2. Implication: Verified purchases add credibility, and the absence may indicate a fake review.

One-Size-Fits-All Reviews

1. Red Flag: Reviews that could apply to any product.

2. Implication: A generic review might be a sign of a fabricated endorsement.

Mention of Competing Products

1. Red Flag: Reviews consistently recommending a competing product.

2. Implication: A coordinated effort to divert attention from the product in question.

Multiple Similar Reviews on the Same Day

1. Red Flag: Numerous vague 5-star reviews were posted simultaneously.

2. Implication: Potential manipulation to boost product visibility.

How To Choose The Best Amazon Review Checker?

Choosing the best review checker involves considering accuracy, depth of coverage, and user-friendliness.

1. Accuracy: Prioritise tools with accurate differentiation between fake and genuine reviews.

2. Depth of Coverage: Opt for tools providing comprehensive analysis, especially for business use.

3. User-Friendliness: Choose tools with a straightforward interface, minimizing frustration.

4. Filtering Capability: Ideal tools allow users to filter out and hide fake reviews for a better reading experience

Here are Top 5 Amazon Review Checker Tools

Let's explore the top 5 Amazon review checker tools.

ReviewMeta Review Checker

Key Features:

1. Free browser extensions for Chrome, Firefox, Edge, and Safari - This seamless integration enhances user convenience, allowing for effortless access and utilization of the tool during online shopping activities.

2. This checker's algorithms may have some flaws, particularly with books. ReviewMeta compensates for this by offering a user-friendly experience and a unique copy/paste link feature. This feature enables users to swiftly paste the product URL, initiating a prompt and efficient analysis of reviews.

Fakespot Review Checker

Key Features:

1. Mobile App for On-the-Go Checks: Fakespot offers a convenient mobile app, enabling users to check reviews while on the move, enhancing flexibility and accessibility.

2. Product Filtering Based on Review Grades: The platform allows users to filter products based on review grades, streamlining the process of identifying high-quality reviews.

3. Trusted by Top Brands: Fakespot has gained the trust of major brands, highlighting its reliability and effectiveness in assessing product reviews.

4. Occasional False Results: It's important to note that, despite being trusted by top brands, Fakespot has been shown to have occasional false results, and users should be mindful of this when utilizing the tool.

Thereviewindex Review Checker

Key Features:

1. Simple User Interface with URL Checker: Thereviewindex is designed with a simple user interface coupled with a URL checker, ensuring ease of use for quick and straightforward review assessments.

2. Focus on Simplicity: The tool prioritizes simplicity in its design and functionality, catering to users who seek a straightforward and uncomplicated review-checking process.

3. May Not Be Suitable for In-Depth Analysis: While effective for quick searches, it's important to note that Thereviewindex may not be the most suitable choice for users requiring in-depth analysis of product reviews.

Trustalyze Review Checker

Key Features:

1. Focused on Consumer Trust: Geared towards prioritizing consumer trust, Trustalyze emphasizes transparent and reliable review information.

2. Verified Reviews and Ratings: Highlighting reviews and ratings from genuine customers, Trustalyze ensures an authentic assessment of product quality and authenticity.

ReviewKick Review Checker

Key Features:

1. Intuitive Interface: ReviewKick ensures an effortless online experience with its user-friendly interface for efficient review analysis.

2. Incentivized Reviews: Offering product discounts in exchange for honest feedback, ReviewKick encourages transparency and engages a community of dedicated buyers.

3. Cross-Device Support: Accessible on computers, tablets, and mobile phones, ReviewKick provides convenience for users across various devices.

4. Customizable Filtering: Enhance your review focus with ReviewKick's customizable filtering options, allowing users to pinpoint specific aspects that matter most.


While shopping online on Amazon, it needs more than a discerning eye to check the genuineness of the consumer reviews. Equipped with the right tools, consumers can confidently identify genuine reviews from deceptive ones. Amazon review checker tools empower users to make informed decisions, ensuring a trustworthy online shopping experience. Take control of your online shopping experience with GoNukkad.

Q. How can I filter fake reviews on Amazon without a review checker?

A. Look for verified purchases, check for detailed and specific feedback, and be wary of excessively positive or negative reviews. However, using a review checker provides a more efficient and accurate solution.

Q. How do Amazon review checkers work?

A. Amazon review checkers analyze user reviews, focusing on user behavior and overall review quality. They use algorithms to identify patterns associated with fake reviews and provide users with a reliability score.

Q. What are the statistics related to fake Amazon reviews?

A. Estimates vary, but studies suggest around 15-30% of Amazon reviews might be fake.

Q. Are fake reviews on Amazon illegal?

A. Yes, posting fake reviews on Amazon is against the platform's policies and can be considered deceptive marketing. However, enforcement is challenging, and the legal consequences are not always straightforward.

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