How To Become Flipkart Plus Member in 2024

How To Become Flipkart Plus Member in 2024

24 November, 2023


Last updated on 2 May, 2024

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How To Become Flipkart Plus Member in 2024

Explore this guide to comprehend How to Become Flipkart Plus Member in 2024 and the benefits that come with this membership.

Overview of Flipkart Plus Member

Successful customer relationships evolve when both parties see a mutual advantage in the partnership. Customers show their support by purchasing from you, and loyalty perks like coins, discounts and freebies ensure that they are getting something in exchange. The Flipkart Plus loyalty program is precisely what provides customers with a reason to make purchases from this massive online marketplace consistently.

Customers who make frequent purchases from this e-commerce company are eligible for the Flipkart Plus loyalty program. This post will cover everything from what is Flipkart Plus membership to How To Become Flipkart Plus Member and the perks of Flipkart Plus membership. So keep reading to know the nuts and bolts of Flipkart Plus membership.

How To Become Flipkart Plus Member

The first question that came to mind after hearing about this membership plan was undoubtedly 'how to become a plus member on Flipkart'. It's as easy as a blink, quick and sly! To obtain your Flipkart Plus membership, you must have accumulated 200 Flipkart Super Coins in the last twelve months. You may easily obtain a Flipkart Plus membership once you have earned the required amount, which is 200 Super Coins. Simply follow these simple steps, and you'll get your Flipkart Plus subscription in a matter of seconds:

1. Firstly, log in to your Flipkart profile.

2. Navigate to the profile section.

3. There is a 'Join Flipkart Plus' option there.

4. After selecting the option, you'll be taken to an explore page.

5. If you have sufficient Super Coins, you can expect a 'Join Now' option.

6. After selecting that option, a simple sign-up form will appear.

As mentioned earlier, within a few minutes, you'll acquire this membership, and here you have done it. Congrats! You are now a Flipkart Plus member and have access to all of its advantages. It should be noted that joining the Plus membership does not result in any loss of super coins.

Now, let's uncover some queries inside you!

Is there any Validity or Timeline for Flipkart Plus Membership?

Yes, it has. Flipkart Plus subscription is valid for one year from the date of purchase. However, if you have enough Super Coins when your membership expires, it will be automatically renewed. If not, read below.

How to Activate Flipkart Plus Membership?

It's simple to renew your membership. To reactivate your Flipkart Plus membership, you must have acquired 200 Super Coins in the previous 12 months. Flipkart Super Coins are easily obtained by shopping on Flipkart or its affiliated websites. As a plus member, you gain 4 Super Coins for every Rs 100 spent. Flipkart Plus users are also able to gain up to 100 Super Coins on just one order, which is double what a non-plus member receives. This means you'll be able to quickly meet the requirement of 200 Super Coins to keep your membership active.

How To Check Flipkart Plus Membership?

This is a frequently asked question by Flipkart users, so how could I possibly overlook incorporating it into our guide? As soon as you successfully activate your Flipkart Plus membership, you should confirm it right away. It's simple to find out the current status of your Flipkart Plus subscription. The procedures to verify the status of your Flipkart Plus membership are as follows.

1. Start it by signing to your Flipkart account.

2. Next, tap to the profile section.

3. In this section, you will find a 'Join Flipkart Plus ' option.

4. When you click on the choice, an explore page will appear.

5. Scroll down on the explore page to see a Super Coin bar that includes the membership validity time.

Flipkart Plus Membership Benefits

Flipkart Plus features a number of benefits, including faster shipping, early access to huge sales, and free shipping on certain items. You will not be levied any additional costs if you choose to subscribe to Flipkart Plus. Read on for more information on these benefits:

Gain swift and effortless entry to exclusive deals: This is the greatest advantage that this membership has to offer its subscribers. You can easily gain early access to forthcoming Flipkart sales and maximize your savings. Furthermore, you will receive deals made available to premium members during sales, such as the Flipkart Big Saving Days sale and others.

There would be no shipping charges. Free shipping is also included in the Flipkart Plus program. The program ensures that you are treated like some sort of royalty.

Provides Quick Delivery: As a Flipkart Plus member, you can receive unlimited deliveries. Furthermore, as a plus member, you will not be charged for delivery.

The Bottom Line

As we started this guide and now wrap it up with the same notion: where loyalty coins, there resides a customer. SuperCoins hubs offer amazing offers to its users. The membership plan will be most beneficial to Flipkart customers. If you or a loved one is considering joining Flipkart's loyalty program, recommend this mini-guide to assist them in understanding what Flipkart Plus is and how to apply for and renew their Flipkart Plus membership.

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Q. What exactly is the Flipkart Plus program?

A. Flipkart Plus, a well-known loyalty program, gives its members access to additional benefits when purchasing on Flipkart.

Q. Is shipping on Flipkart Plus free?

A. If your order totals $500 or more, delivery is completely free. However, if your order is less than Rs 500, you have to pay for shipping on Flipkart Plus products.

Q. How long is a member of Flipkart Plus valid?

A. Membership in this Program is valid for one year from the moment You activate it.

Q. How do I get Supercoins?

A. Plus customers receive two SuperCoins for every Rs.100 spent. In a single order, you can earn up to 50 SuperCoins.

Q. What exactly is the Flipkart Plus Zone?

A. Flipkart Plus users can examine information such as SuperCoins earned, membership data, and Plus privileges in the Plus Zone section.

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